Into Wonderland


So this is where it begins. Plato has this to say: The beginning is the most important part of the work. And I agree with that. Perhaps what I agree with more is this quote by the daydreamer of his age, William Wordsworth. “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” And that is what I’m striving to do.

I think writing is a magical thing. You become this empress-type figure wielding a world of  words , able to create this whole wonderland of stories, thoughts and treasures. Emotions and daydreams can be made tangible, captured into a symphony of letters and words that can be heard by those who are listening. And that symphony is a magical mystery. It can make you laugh, or it can make you cry. It can inspire you with a wildfire of ideas  and attitudes, or it can lull you into a peaceful and thoughtless calm. And that symphony doesn’t merely exist for the listener. Even more importantly, it exists for the composer herself: a personal journal that holds cryptic secrets that will still remain hidden from everyone else.

So here we are at the crystal gates of Wonderland. The journey in will be filled with the things I love, whether it be stories, reflections, pictures, paintings, quotes, art or a thousand other magical things that can be found after you have fallen down the rabbit hole.

Keep on daydreaming your doodles, and doodling your daydream. 🙂

Love, A Daydreamer and Doodler in Wonderland.


About doodlesanddaydreams

Girl, ordinary yet extraordinary. Lover of books, art, chocolate, museums and tea. Dreams of travelling the world and lounging in cafes with a good coffee and a better book. Has a weakness for desserts, sunflowers and the quaintness of European streets. Enjoys doodling and daydreaming, qualities of which no girl can do without. Welcome to my Wonderland.

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