Daydreaming in a field of daisies. Bliss. Well, that would be me if I had red hair, a floral frock, a little rag doll and a field of daisies for lying in. Sadly I have none of those. Except maybe for the floral frock, if you count a blue summer dress as one.

Anyway, welcome to the story of an ordinary girl who likes to think herself as living in an extraordinary world. She’s a lover of books, art, chocolate, museums and tea. She dreams of travelling the world and lounging in cafes with a good coffee and a better book. She has a weakness for desserts, sunflowers and the quaintness of European streets. She particularly enjoys doodling and daydreaming, qualities of which she thinks no girl can do without.

Finally, she welcomes you to step into her Wonderland.

In this Wonderland, you are invited to browse through posts as if they are books in one of those musty little vintage bookstores that I adore. Each book is composed with much love, effort and dedication. Some have been written for you, others for me, yet more have been written for the both of us. These books will be focused on the things I love, of art and its wonders, of inspirations and reflections, of dreams and reality and in short, of life itself.

So I hope you find pleasure in browsing. And I hope you will find your very own Wonderland in life soon.


“To live in the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” – Oscar Wilde 



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  1. I love it. This has to be, honestly, one of the best sites I have seen on here since I became a member. This is amazing. Keep up the great work!!

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