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Somebody That I Used To Know



If you haven’t heard this song yet, sit down and listen to it. Now.

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was pure, utter brilliance. Mysterious,  quirky, yet immensely relatable to many of us, “Somebody that I used to know” has been a critical and commercial success in many countries around the world and I don’t doubt why.


Being a big fan of Kimbra and her music, I am absolutely happy to see her featured in this piece of fantastic music. It is one of the most played songs on my ipod right now and I don’t mind keeping it this way. My favourite way of listening to this song is while I’m waiting for my bus at the bus stop during a quiet night. To me, the song has such a “night” sound to it, if you know what I mean. And it is staring out at the lights of houses and cars around the bus stop that draws me deeper into the song. Try it, and see if you understand what I mean!


In any case, a big THANK YOU goes out to Gotye and Kimbra for creating this masterpiece. And congratulations for it being such a success. I do hope good music continues to be recognised and appreciated in this world today. Cos it certainly does in this wonderland.


Love Buttons



Ok, so I know that this isn’t really a love button. Meaning that no, it doesn’t summon your true love when pressed. Also meaning that it is just the “Favourite” button on my home remote control.

But sometimes, looking at things plainly is just so unimaginative and boring. Why not interpret it in you own fun, fanciful way?  I take this “love-button” as a sign that love can be found anywhere and everywhere in the world. More importantly, I take this as a reminder that we should BE love-buttons in this world and give away love to the people we meet each and every day.

So start looking for little signs around your house, school, community or world that reminds you of love and to love. Also, stop waiting. Be a Love-Button today.

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” – Victor Hugo