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A Slice of Nostalgia and Music


Congrats to “The Artist” in winning 5 Oscars! It is an amazing film, very timely made for today’s audience in a rapidly changing, future-oriented, and pragmatic society we live in. The movie asks us to stop, look back at the past and ask the question: What have we lost? What have we forgotten in the our endless pursuit of progress? Are we about to lose more?

So step back and remember the roots of cinema. This piece of music, the main theme for the film, is to me, perfect in bringing back nostalgia for old films. So listen, and go back in time.


And the Oscar goes to…(Best Picture)


And the Oscars are just a few hours away. To celebrate, this picture gallery will trawl through posters of some of the most influential, iconic, memorable and all round brilliant films that  took home the Academy Award for Best Picture. I do think that films are immensely powerful media forms. They can make you laugh and cry and think and reflect. To me, the mark of a good film is when I leave the theater still contemplating the various open/hidden messages the film inspired in me.

I haven’t watched all the nominated films yet, but I’m most definitely pulling for this year’s Oscar front-runner, The Artist to come out triumphant and pick up yet another trophy to add to their already enormous award collection. To me, the film was full of heartfelt love for the silent film era and for cinema in general. And its message of the fleeting nature of fame, success and other things that may seem eternal is particularly apt in today’s world of technology and rapid changes. So I hope The Artist comes out tops and if it does, I would be a very happy girl indeed.

Anyway, before I continue rambling, here are just a few of the most iconic Best Picture films ever made. Once again, enjoy. 🙂


Gone With The Wind. Best Picture 1939. THE love story.


Casablanca. Best Picture 1942. Always regarded as one of the greatest films ever.


Ben Hur. Best Picture 1959. Record-breaking 11 Oscar wins.


West Side Story. Best Picture 1961. 10 Oscars and a pop culture icon.


Lawrence of Arabia. Best Picture 1962.


My Fair Lady. Best Picture 1964. Isn’t this poster stunning? And anything Audrey Hepburn touches turns to gold.


The Sound of Music. Best Picture 1965. And we can all still hum along to the tunes.


The Godfather. Best Picture 1972. One of THE most iconic films EVER. Even the poster tells you that.


Rocky. Best Picture 1976. How we know Sylvester Stallone.


Chariots of Fire. Best Picture 1981. Noted as one of the best British films of all time.


Dances With Wolves. Best Picture 1990.


The Silence of the Lambs. Best Picture 1991. What a haunting poster. And the movie is in a class of its own.


Unforgiven. Best Picture 1992. I LOVE THIS POSTER. And Clint Eastwood knows westerns alright.


Forrest Gump. Best Picture 1994. Who can forget the simple and sweet Forrest?


Titanic. Best Picture 1997. Indeed a lasting legacy of a movie.


Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Best Picture 2003. In fact the entire trilogy has done remarkably well both critically and commercially.


Slumdog Millionaire.  Best Picture 2008. 8 Academy Award wins. And a soundtrack to follow.

And the Oscar goes to…(Best Actor)


After seeing female movie icons and Oscar winners,  it’s time to give the males a chance to shine. Presenting some of the most talented actors in the American film industry, all with at least one Academy Award under their belt. Once again, scroll down and enjoy.


P.S. I’m all for Jean Dujardin to win the Best Actor award tomorrow. He rightfully deserves it. I would say the closest competitor he has would be George Clooney(based purely on his Golden Globe win), but I’m crossing my fingers and toes for Dujardin to lift that trophy high.


Spencer Tracy accepting his award for his role in Captain Courageous. Just the next year, he would be taking home another Oscar for Boys Town. Altogether, he has 9 Oscar nominations to his name.


A very dapper looking Gary Cooper holding high his golden statuette for his role in Sergeant York. Later on in his career, he goes on to accept the Oscar once again for the film High Noon.


Laurence Olivier examines his statuette after his Best Actor win for the movie Hamlet.


The iconic Marlon Brando looks absolutely charming whilst accepting the Oscar for his role as Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront. But most people will remember him from his later Best Actor winning role: The Godfather.


A dashing Humphrey Bogart celebrating his win for his performance in the movie The African Queen.


Alas I was unable to find a photo of John  Wayne with his Oscar statuette. But he won the Best Actor award for his turn in the iconic western True Grit.


Jack Nicholson is a man with serious acting chops. He has 2 Best Actor trophies  to boast of (for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and As Good As It Gets), and an impressive 8 Academy Award nominations to his name.


Al Pacino holds that gold statuette high for his win in the movie Scent of a Woman. Like Marlon Brando, Al will be known for his other roles in The Godfather, and Scarface.


Dustin Hoffman exuding much charm and dignity while posing with the Oscar in his hands. This amazing actor won his Oscar for his impressive performance in Kramer vs. Kramer, and collected yet another trophy later in his career for the film Rain Man.


It will always be remembered that Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor for his role as the horrific Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs. Still one of the most stunning performances in a movie till date.


Sean Penn smiles with his statuette,  presented to him for his performance in Milk. This was his second award, with his first a few years before, for his role in Mystic River.


Tom Hanks modestly holds up his award for his winning role in one of my all-time favourite movies, Forrest Gump. Just the previous year, he won the Best Actor for Philadelphia.


Jeff Bridges has dominated Best Actor nominations in recent years, winning one for his role as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart, and procuring an Oscar nom for reprising John Wayne’s classic character in the remake of True Grit. It is probably a good idea to look out for him in future award spots…

And the Oscar goes to…(Best Actress)


So the Academy Awards are just around the corner…in fact it’s just tomorrow! I’m getting pretty jittery and excited, trying to predict who’s going to take home that golden statuette, and have the chance to give their Oscar speech. To keep up with all the excitement that building up, I have compiled a little picture gallery of some of the most iconic movies and movie stars to win the Academy Award. So scroll down and enjoy. This first list goes to all the female icons and best actresses we have seen thus far.

P.S. By the way, if you’re wondering, I do want Michelle Williams to take home the Best Actress award tomorrow. Although I think the statuette will very likely go to the fantastic Viola Davis for her turn in The Help.

Ingrid Bergman celebrating her win for her role in Gaslight, and later on in the movie Anastasia.

The iconic Audrey Hepburn and her Best Actress win as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday. That gown has also become one of the most iconic dresses to ever grace the Oscars.

The absolutely lovely Grace Kelly wins an Academy Award for her role in The Country Girl.

Vivien Leigh posing with her statuette for her win as Scarlett O’Hara in the very popular Gone with the Wind. She goes on to win another Best Actress trophy for her turn in A Streetcar named Desire.

Bette Davis takes home the Oscar for her role in Jezebel. She has an amazing 10 Oscar Best Actress nominations received in her career.

Katharine Hepburn is no stranger at the Oscars, with a record-holding 4 Best Actress Academy Awards to boast of for her respective roles in Morning Glory, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter, and On Golden Pond.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor gracefully accepts the award for her role as Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The fabulous Julie Andrews hugs her Oscar for her stint as a singing Mary Poppins in the movie Mary Poppins.

Barbra Streisand strikes a pretty pose with the statuette for her Oscar win for Funny Girl.

Jane Fonda radiates happiness as she clutches her award for her role as Bree Daniels in Klute.

The one and only Meryl Streep with her Academy Award for Sophie’s Choice. Don’t forget her previous Best Supporting Actress Oscar win for her fantastic turn in Kramer vs Kramer, and her astounding 17 nominations in total for the Oscars!

Jodie Foster is all smiles after her win for her  role in The Accused. Later on she goes on to win another Oscar in Silence of the Lambs.

Hilary Swank looks beautiful with that Best Actress statuette for the film Boys Don’t Cry. Don’t stop smiling, for you’re gonna be winning another “gold man” for the film Million Dollar Baby.

81st Annual Academy Awards - Show

The lovely  Kate Winslet accepts her award for her win in the film, The Reader. With a total of 6 Academy Awards nominations under her belt, we can be sure to expect a lot more Oscars coming her way.